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Wholesale Program

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What we Offer

Wholesale Program

Discover the Advantages of Our Wholesale Program


USimplySeason, powered by Amboseli Foods, offers a dynamic wholesale program to meet diverse business needs.


We provide wholesale quantities of USimplySeason spices, blends, and seasonings customized to your business needs. You can order the exact amount you need without making bulk purchases. You can get even more significant discounts if you order 100 pounds or more per product. However, additional coupons may not be valid due to the generous price reductions associated with these larger orders.

This option is for orders of 100 pounds or more per product. With this option, we offer further discounts and directly quote products. Because of the significant deals, coupons are not valid.

Amboseli Foods is ready to meet your order needs, whether just a few packs or a full truckload.

Partnering with Amboseli Foods is a wise choice for your business. Here are a few reasons why:

Cost-Effective Solutions

USimplySeason, backed by Amboseli Foods, values your time and aims to simplify your ordering, accounting, and processing tasks. By setting up a wholesale account, you can streamline operations, reduce product costs through wholesale discounts, and focus on expanding your business.​


Superior Quality

At Amboseli Foods, we prioritize delivering fresh and high-quality products. Whether you're searching for popular items or rare finds, we pledge to provide 'Superior Flavors, Unbeatable Value.' Please let us know if you need assistance finding a specific product on our website. Whenever possible, we'll scour global markets to meet your needs.

Ease of use
We offer a comprehensive range of culinary products, including spices, herbs, seasonings, and blends. By choosing us as your go-to supplier, you can save time and money and join a long list of satisfied customers who have switched to USimplySeason for all their culinary needs.

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