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Private Label Services

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What we Offer

Private Label

Are you looking to boost your brand? Amboseli Foods offers Private Labeling services to help you introduce your unique spice blend, rub, or seasoning to the market. We're the perfect partner for your needs, with comprehensive private labeling solutions that cover product development, design, and production. Let us help you grow your product line seamlessly.

If you're a business looking to launch new products, enter new markets, or improve production and operational costs, Amboseli Foods' private labeling services can help. We offer custom packaging and labeling for almost all our spices, blends, and seasonings. We aim to make your journey to market faster, more accessible, and cost-effective. 

When you work with us for private labeling, you can trust that you'll receive the highest quality products. With our strict adherence to food safety and sanitation regulations, we will ensure that your product will meet the highest standards from start to finish. We aim to ensure that the outcome reflects your brand's image from start to finish.

What makes Amboseli Foods' Private Label Services the best choice?

  • Creation, Blending, and production of custom seasonings

  • Fresh, high-quality products

  • Improved production, quality control, and consistency

  • Regulations governing food safety and sanitation are strictly adhered to

  • Packages and labels designed specifically for retail applications

  • Short-run production for the exploration of new markets at a low risk

  • We do not have a minimum order weight

  • Cost-reduction assistance

We have three different private labeling options available.

  1. Bulk Blending: This option involves blending your recipe in bulk with a minimum order requirement of 500 lbs.

  2. Private Label: We provide a complete service of custom blending, filling, and labeling your unique recipe. A dollar value of $5,000 determines the minimum order for this option.

  3. White Label: With this service, we blend, fill, and label our proven products using your label. The minimum order requirement for this option is a dollar value of $2,500.

The minimum order is based on weight when choosing the Bulk Blending option. On the other hand, for Private Label and White Label services, the minimum order is determined by the total dollar value of your order rather than weight. This setup lets you divide the minimum orders among various containers and recipes according to your requirements and preferences.

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